Blaze Burner Light Set – 100/80 Lumen

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Blaze Burner Combo har en lysstyrke på 100 lumen både foran og bak. Med 180 graders synlighet og 24 Led-lamper er de synlig i alle forhold.

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The Burner Combo Light Set shines at 100 lumens, front and back, from a string of 24 LEDs. Both front and rear lights produce a wide and eye-catching 180 degree beam pattern, which is great for busy town and city riding. Equipped with a light sensor, it comes on automatically as it gets to dusk, or when riding under tunnels and bridges. The Burner’s bracket is a design and engineering master stroke, allowing spherical adjustment with a highly localised, magnetic attachment. It provides heroic hold, yet easy removal. Snap in, snap out, either horizontal or vertical. From one charge both lights can hold 60 hours of battery life and are also IPX7 waterproof rated. This set of lights will easily keep you seen on the roads and are a super efficient way of doing so.